How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle in Daily Routine

There is a general perception that to gain muscle you have to gain some fat which means bulking and cutting at the same time, but its not true. Lets see it from the different angle. Say, to gain muscle youll need to eat 100 additional calories per day but to get away with excess fat, youll need to cut 400 calories per day. This seems to be unrealistic. Your conclusion that both aims cant be achieved at the same time is wrong. Gaining muscle is a slow process, but fats are burn faster compared to muscle building. Then question is how to lose weight and build muscle?

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You can gain muscle and lose fat together

Yes, this is possible and here is the method. The fundament of protein intake is that you eat 1g of protein per pound of your bodyweight daily, equally proportioned to 5-6 meals at intervals. Your body needs carbohydrates to the extent that can fulfil your energy needs of the day and it depends upon your metabolism. So, you need little of carbs in your daily meals just to avoid starving. But carbs mean no simple carb such as sugar, white flour or alcohol, but whole grains, omega-III and flax like foods. Your food should be unprocessed and should have enough fresh veggies and fruits. Keep your calorie count ready and try to eat at least 30% less calories from fat. Not all fats are bad, but some of the fats like nuts, avocados, olives, etc. are good for health. Work out your plan for appropriate consistent workouts instead of tiring workouts. Daily cardio for around half an hour can help you more to gain muscle and lose fat in an effective manner.


You dont worrybest muscle gainer at the same time. It is possible with little changes in your daily routine, especially in your diet as well as workouts plan.