Does your cleaning company have you covered?

You must be thinking why is it that you need insurance when it comes to sofa or carpet cleaning. While choosing sofa cleaners west London or any cleaners you must look if they have insurance covered. Imagine lot of people coming into your house for cleaning your furniture or carpet and while their job is done you find that there is some tear in the sofa or the fabric of the carpet is damaged. This can be the result if your belongings are done handled by trained professionals. You can call in the cleaning company about the damaged caused and ask them for inspection. Once they see it they can ask insurance company who will be paying out for the damage.

sofa cleaners west London

But before inviting sofa cleaners’ west London you must have a check on the insurance policy they have. You must be sure that they have both liability cover and treatment risk covered. If they are having only liability covered, then there are chances that they won’t cover the items that re being cleaned. Most the liability insurance schemes include coverage for property of damage caused. It is only the treatment risk covered that will give you refund in case there is any damage when cleaning. Even if lots of cleaning companies have best of the equipments or trained cleaners, you have to see that they have the right insurance to get you covered in case of any damage during cleaning. There are lots of companies that have insufficient insurance or not at all. If they don’t have the right insurance, there are chances they these cleaning companies won’t pay for any damage. SO instead of fighting with them, it’s important that you get in checked first. Having the right insurance will give you a piece of mind that whatever happens you will get it covered.